Phil Bryson, Author and Photographer

Me after I'd shaved my headI first met Phil at the Richmond Writer’s Circle and heard readings from his new memoirs concerning life after his flight from the Royal Navy. After chatting with him and learning more about his two books, I realised there was more to this man than an infamous past and his memoirs. He is also a talented photographer whose work spans private contracts and famous gigs and people; these works have never been published as he has kept most of this work hidden away waiting for the day he can showcase his work and rekindle interest in his classic photography techniques. Working as a photography lecturer at Richmond University for a time, Phil soon moved on to writing full time and now he is ready to recast himself anew, as it were, and share with the world his wit and humour, whilst telling his story as it is; he has no apologies, just reflections and humorous anecdotes of his time rejecting the rigid discipline he was unprepared for as a newly enlisted Royal Navy cadet.

In Phil’s own words:

“I joined the Royal Navy to travel and to be on an aircraft carrier. I imagined looking down below and seeing ¬†and see dolphins swimming in the wake of the bow wave. That was beautiful. Eventually, I left the Royal Navy and really travelled, to watch the sun rise over Jordan, to sit by the water in Scandinavia and see tiny little frogs; or, to walk along a path in Sweden that was so quiet I could hear a tiny waterfall trickling over a bank nearby. Now, I just travel in England and note the coldness of the day or the wood that is rotting on a pier, this is what I now write about.”

As I spend more time with Phil, it is clear to me how much he appreciates his history and how his “wrong path” led him, on his own terms, to the adventures which breathe spirit into everything he does, including his photography.

News clippings and historic documentation of Phil’s early days before and during his brief Royal Navy Career.

Selection of Phil’s Photographs (C), Phil Bryson, do not copy, reproduce or otherwise manipulate the image on this page without express permission of the artist.

Phil’s Books on Amazon:

Visit Phil’s blog for more information, including his personal¬†blog and contact details.

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